I’m delighted to share with you my brand new website Firstly I’d like to thank Alex Jeffers and James Amner at Glue Studio for their very hard work. Dave Knapton for his exceptional design work on my portfolio. Brilliant photgraphs courtesy of Daniel Alford and Rhodri Teifi for his help along the way.

In other news I have been chosen as the guest artist at the globe (Hay On Wye) for ‘How The Light Gets In Festival’ This year the festival features speakers – Naom Chompsky, Diane Abbott, Warren Ellis alongside music from Hot Chip, The Orb, Ewan Pearson, Jesca Hoop and many many more.

For those of you that made my ‘Retrospective’show at the end of 2017 I will be debuting it at the globe but this time on a much bigger scale.

Expect an ecclectic array of differing styles, from physical paintings, digital manipulations and video art projections.

A private viewing on this Thurs 12th (April) opens the exhibition running for three months towards, during and beyond the festival at the end of May

I would like to give a special mention to Ari and the Globe team for making this happen, Rebecca Wyn Kelly for her curating expertise, Emily & Dan from Thesho for doing an excellent job with the framing and last but not least the ever reliable Dan Walters for his printing skills.

Hope to see you all.. everyone welcome

Many Thanks